How to develop business skills

How To Develop Business Skill That You Can Do By Yourself

How to develop business skills

“Business” is a trending topic that will never run out of our conversation. This day, people always wondering to build a new business rather than joining one company. But, they sometimes don’t care about business skills and just open a new one without thinking twice. Honestly, there available many ways on how to develop business skills. The Internet succeeds to make it easier than ever before.

How to develop business skills

Building a new business is not only about money, but you also need skill to improve it. Some people usually thinking that they only can bet business skills from universities. On the other hand, you can also learn about business skills from a book, internet, video on YouTube or many more. Here, we will try to explain to you how to develop business skills worthily.

1. Having a Mentor with Business Experience

This is the most worth way of developing your business skills. Many people believe that experience can be the best teacher and you can get knowledge from experienced businessmen. They can support and direct you to build a good business from zero into a big one.

However, have a meeting with business experience can be wherever you want. It can be a coffee shop, or somewhere else. You can trust them because they have faced everything you might face from far away before you. Just make sure you choose the right mentor that well deliver their knowledge to you.

2. TED Talks

YouTube has a lot of educational videos that might help you to develop your business skills. TED Talks is one of the best educational channels that usually talks about business and some tips. You can get many new pieces of knowledge and prepare your business better.

The speaker on TED Talks is an experienced businessman with a big income in this world. Also, TED Talks can give you many reasons why hundreds of companies are collapsed and then die. Above all, if you use this way, you can get many advantages freely. Just make sure your device is connected with the internet.

3. Read the Harvard Business School Reading List

Some contents on the internet are just getting worst this day. The author just writes it with unclear sources and makes it more snackable. As a result, the reliable this day is just a book or some paper from academics from the whole world. You can take a great book from many big universities like Harvard.

Harvard is a university with the greatest business major in this world. Its have a lot of great books you can read to increase your business skills. For example, you can read Bill George’s book, True North: Discovering Your Authentic Leadership or Talent on Demand by James & Nitin. Besides, you can find other books from those two in the library or somewhere else.

These are 3 best ways how to develop business skills for you. You can get another way but make sure its related to you and your business. Above all, the most important thing is yourself, you want to give an effort to increase your skills.