How To Start A Web Development Company For Beginners

how to start a web development company

When starting a company, there are many things to pay attention to. One of the important things that a company needs to arrange is marketing. Because with marketing, the public would see the image of the company’s brand. One of the items in marketing that a company must have is web development. Even though it is important, a lot of companies are still confused about how to start a web development company.

how to start a web development company

Companies usually would hire a person or use a vendor to make the web. However, the company could actually make the web by themselves to save money. Since building a company is not cheap, saving money is important. Moreover, there are several things to prepare on how to start a web development company. To get to know, here are things that a company needs to prepare.

1. Make a Detail Brand

The first thing to do when starting a web is to make a brand as detail as possible. Starting from the brand’s name, the logo, the character of the colors, the slogan up to the contact person/number. Creating a brand would also create a market for the brand/company. Branding’s detail is important to show up on the web. It is because so that people would recognize the brand and it would also make them interested in it.

2. Create and Register the Domain

The second thing on how to start a web development company is to create and register the domain. The domain here has an official website address without any ads in the address. People would not be able to use the same domain name. If there is another person or company that already uses the domain name that is wanted, it is okay. There are other options with using .id / .com/ others.

3. Use a Suitable Web Design Tool

Once the company has bought the domain name, the next step is to choose the right web design tools. Yes, nowadays there are a lot of platforms that people could use to design their web. Starting from Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Jimbo, Squarespace, Shopify, and others. Moreover, some of them are free! Make sure to pick out the most suitable web tool for the company’s web.

4. Build the Website

The next thing to do on how to start a web development company is to explore it. Build and design the website as the character and the brand’s company. Explore the website’s design tool to build a great website. Moreover, make sure to insert every information that the company needs to inform the public.

5. Promote it

Once the website is done, then it is ready to be published. However, the steps are not just until there. To get the maximal reach and engagement, the company would need to promote the website. There are also many platforms to promote a website. The most popular ones are Facebook and Google.

The steps on how to start a web development company are quite easy to follow. To ease it, make the website together with a team. Especially on designing, building and expanding it. Moreover, remember to enjoy the process.