Pro-Tips on How to Start Business after Lockdown You should Pay Attention to!

how to start business after lockdown

Corona Virus succeed disturb a lot of economical activity and affect almost of all business in this world. One of the most disturbing things for the business is policy to lockdown a city or even the whole country. Better when we start thinking about how to start business after lockdown rather than get stressed.

The Corona Virus may still grow and keep affect more people every day. But it doesn’t mean that coronavirus will last forever because it will disappear from earth even scientists still research how to stop it. You can try these steps on how to start business after lockdown. Check it out!

1. Do Your Research

Lockdown while coronavirus infects almost all the whole countries gives you more time at your house. You can use it to do a little research about what kind of products you will make. You can also search for the competitor and their tactics.

Moreover, it will be better if you know the market for your products so you can sell them after making them. If you want to make a successful small business then your products should solve at least one problem in society.

2. Make a Plan

After doing research, then you should create the blueprint of your whole business. It should contain the starting phase of your business until how your business grows.

Make a plan also important if you want to seek an investor for your financial support. They need your whole business concept and plan to count the level of success. Above all, creating a plan can make you see what you want to achieve and how you get it.

3. Plan Your Finance

Starting a new business will need a lot of money and you should spend it as the best as you can. You need to count at least one year of financial movement to make sure you can survive the first year.

Write down the whole list of your business needs from marketing and advertising, production supplies, employee salaries, and many more. Make sure your business can cover all the expenses before you get some profit.

4. Make Your Website

Coronavirus succeeds make almost all of our activities happen online with an internet connection. We realize that we don’t need to open an offline store that may consume a lot of your funds.

From here, we understand the importance of the internet as a media promotion. People will also bring their habits during the lockdown into their new habits and change the traditional one. Make sure you understand the techniques to do online promotion so you can reach more customers.

5. Get Your Team Ready

After you plan the whole business and finance, you can start hiring employees. You can start the process of creating your products. Make sure all of your team members have a responsibility to take care of their position.

Give their job description clearly so they know what should they do without asking again. If you think you can handle all alone, then you may do not need any employees.

These are some tips on how to start business after lockdown you should know. All of these tips are important to make new business after this pandemic. Almost all the tips are the same as usual but it just needs some improvement.

Best Business To Start Without Degree That Anyone Can Try

best business to start without degree

Achieving a degree is a dream for most people in the world. Because with a degree, people can easily apply jobs they like according to their degree. However, if you happen to need a job, but you don’t have a degree yet you can still get a job. Starting and making business is one of the jobs people can do even without a degree. Because the important thing in business is the strategy and effort to make it happen. So, what are the best business to start without degree.

Even though you don’t have a degree, you still need to learn about your business. Therefore, before developing the business make sure you do some preparation first. Because this will determine the feature of your business, will it a success or not. Also, choose simple business first, then develop it slowly after seeing the market response. Here is the best business to start without degree that you can try:

1. Online Shop

This is a simple business that anyone can start, even if they are beginners. These days almost everyone uses the internet and media social in their daily life. Therefore, people can use this chance to make an online shop for their business. Making an online shop means to sell their own products online. Or they can just be a drop shipper, where they are in between the shop and seller. Whichever kind of online shop you choose, both are recommended to try.

2. Article Writing

If you love to write about anything, then why not make your own article writing business. However, before getting started, it is important for you to know how to make a good article online. Because usually, the main target of the orders is how their article can be seen by many people. Once you can achieve that, making an article writing business will be easier and smoother.

3. Baking Business

If you are good at cooking, then why not make a baking business like making cookies? Try to bake some cakes or cookies and sell them online or in a market. Before developing the business, let people try your cooking and see their response. If they like it, then you can start a business by taking orders.

4. Blogging

This is one of the popular and best business to start without degree. These days, blogging has become a trend and making money for people. All you need for blogging is a camera for recording and topics to review. Usually, people review about almost anything from food, traveling to places.

5. Design and Printing Shirt

Another great business that you can start is designing shirts and printing them. These days, the demand for printing shirts is quite high. Therefore, this business is quite promising if you can do it well. However, make sure your business is different from others so it can stand out.

So, these are some of the best businesses to start without a degree that you can develop. However, even though you don’t have a degree learning is a must when it comes to business. Therefore, make sure to keep on learning by doing to make your business successful.

4 Reasons Why Business Ethics Is Important When You’re Running A Business

why business ethics is important

Business is almost the same as other work. It doesn’t succeed randomly without any rules applied. However, the business also has ethics which is important to apply. We might wonder what is the function of business’ ethics. Besides, whether or not there are some consequences if we break the rules of business ethics. Many of us may wonder about the same thing along this time. Moreover, some people might start a business by ignoring these ethics. Here are the reasons why business ethics is important.

1. The Business Ethics Can Improve The Business Reputation

There are always reasons why something is important to apply or forbidden. It also occurs in business ethics while it has its own reasons why business ethics is important. The first reason that possible happens is business ethics can improve the business reputation. If a company applying business ethics, then, they can improve their reputation in public. How can it happen? The business ethics guide you to conduct business in a good way without any deceit.

It also guides you to grow as the ethical company which beliefs by your employee, customers, and public. Therefore, many people including investors interested in joining your business and become a partner. Therefore, you can spread your business wider and bigger.

2. Business Ethics Also Guide You To Become Top Talent

Not only from the external face of your company but also from the internal. If you are a manager, CEO, or whatever the position and you apply the business ethics in a great way, thus all of your employees will respect you. moreover, you can lead and treat them to be good employees too. Besides, your attitude to be an ethical employee can guide you becomes the top talent employee in your company. You can get your success in your carrier and your company.

3. Business Ethics Can Guide You Becomes Valuable Employee Or Leader

If you have decided to apply the ethics business and become an ethical person in your company, then, people around you will respect you in whatever the condition. They will hear you and have a good relationship with you because they know that you are a good person. Therefore, having ethics in applying business cannot be ignored if you want to be better at work.

4. Business Ethics Can Limit The Risk

We all know that business is about benefits and risks. If we conduct a wrong plan or step in conducting business, we may face the risk or harder. However, we cannot avoid all of the risks of the business. Sometimes, we will get the risk to spread more of our business and be better than before. Thus, what should we do? It makes sense if we cannot avoid the risk, but we can limit the risk as long as we apply business ethics.

We can say that business ethics is good guidance to be a clean businessman. Moreover, business ethics guide us to care for each other and have a clean competition in business. Now, we know about the reasons why business ethics is important to apply.

3 Reasons Poker Forums Are Bad for Your Game

3 Reasons Poker Forums Are Bad for Your Game

I used to invest a lot of energy in famous poker discussions. In the long run, I understood that it wasn’t helping my game a lot, and there were better approaches to invest my energy.

Here are three reasons why poker discussions are terrible for your poker game and a couple of suggestions of what you can use rather that might be progressively gainful.

1 – Questionable or Bad Advice

The best poker players on the planet invest the greater part of their energy playing poker and taking a shot at improving their game. They aren’t sitting around posting on poker gatherings. This by itself should disclose to you all that you have to think about the exhortation given on the gatherings.

Some of the time, you can discover great system guidance on poker gatherings, yet a large portion of the exhortation is either faulty or terrible. The principal thing you have to comprehend about poker system is that there’s once in a while a solitary method to accomplish something that is the best in each circumstance.

Normal guidance is to raise when you have pocket pros in Texas holdem.

This is normally solid counsel, however there are circumstances where it’s increasingly productive not to raise with them. This is only a model, however it shows why you ought to consistently address what you read on gatherings.

In any event, when the player posting exhortation on the discussion is a not too bad player and is attempting to help, there’s as yet an opportunity that the guidance isn’t right 100% of the time.

It’s anything but difficult to accept that clients with an enormous number of posts hear what they’re saying, yet generally it just methods they invest more energy in the discussion than improving their game and playing.

On the off chance that you read a suggestion that appears to bode well and begin utilizing it without accomplishing more research, it can cost you cash and hinder your development as a poker player.

You can utilize it and gain as a matter of fact, or you can look into it utilizing great books and different assets to confirm it. Utilizing the exhortation and gaining for a fact is typically exorbitant, and you can just utilize experimentation as you play to achieve something very similar without burning through your time on the discussions.

In case you’re going to examine the exhortation utilizing books and other great assets, you can avoid the gathering and go right to the books and different assets. The best arrangement is to avoid the discussions that are loaded up with flawed and awful guidance and either use experimentation or different assets that offer better procedures.

2 – Time Sink

I regularly share an anecdote about what used to happen when I went to YouTube to watch a video about something. I’d watch a video then another of the recordings recorded down the correct side of the page would grab my eye and I’d watch another.

In the end, I’d take a gander at that point and find that I squandered two hours watching idiotic recordings. Presently, when I go to YouTube to watch a video, I watch the single video I went to see and close the page.

Poker gatherings can be an extraordinary arrangement like YouTube used to be for me. You locate an intriguing string and read it, at that point see another fascinating string title. Before you know it, you’ve squandered two hours. Also, much more terrible, some of the time after you lose two hours, you end up more befuddled than when you began in light of the fact that you discovered repudiating recommendations.

You can discover valuable data on poker gatherings. Be that as it may, so frequently you need to burrow through pages of trash to locate the most significant things. This can turn into a monster time sink.

On the off chance that you need to utilize poker discussions to attempt to improve your poker game, ensure you locate a functioning one with a few proficient notices. On the off chance that a gathering is excessively little, the chances of discovering great data are low. In any case, if the gathering is too huge, you need to burrow through an excess of commotion to discover what you need.

When you discover a poker gathering or two that appear as though they may enable you, to set a period limit every day to peruse the discussions so you don’t burn through an excess of time. I propose setting a clock so you don’t get assimilated in understanding something and disregard time.

I used to spend numerous hours on mainstream poker gatherings, however as my game and information improved, I discovered there were better approaches to contribute my time. Presently, I just visit poker discussions two or three times each year, and could skip them altogether and my game wouldn’t endure.

3 – Poor Time Management

I’ve addressed this in every one of the previous segments, yet poker gatherings are not the most ideal approach to utilize your time if you will likely improve as a poker player. A superior utilization of your time is to discover better assets, similar to great poker books, and to really play more poker.

At the point when I quit investing such a great amount of energy in the poker gatherings, and began focusing on perusing and playing, my game began improving a lot quicker. Essentially, I utilized a similar measure of time I used to spend on discussions to understand books.

Perusing great books about poker kills the sat around burrowing through post after post searching for good data. One of the greatest poker discussions is the Two Plus Two gathering, and a considerable lot of the blurbs there were attracted to the discussion since Two Plus Two likewise distributes numerous great poker books. I suggest perusing their books and skirting the gathering.

You just have a set measure of time you can use to improve your poker abilities.

It’s anything but difficult to burn through a lot of time when you begin perusing poker discussions or viewing on the web recordings. I’ve fallen into similar snares previously.

I prescribe completing two things to assist you with dealing with your time better with regards to poker. Make a calendar of constantly in the following week that you need to spend playing poker and the entirety of the time you need to spend chipping away at your game.

At the point when you plan things that are essential to you, almost certainly, you will finish. In the event that you simply want to accomplish something and don’t plan it, frequently you can get occupied by whatever else is going on in your life and get derailed.

The other thing I prescribe is to begin following the entirety of your time. This included time spent playing poker, examining things about poker, and everything else you do throughout everyday life. When you begin following the entirety of your time, you can rapidly observe where you’re sitting around and where you can supplant inefficient exercises with things you’d preferably do.

This is a decent method to see just precisely how much time you’re sending on poker gatherings, video locales, and web based life. I attempt to maintain a strategic distance from web based life since I wind up burning through a great deal a lot of time once I start, much the same as when I visit poker discussions.

What Poker Forums Are Good For

Poker gatherings do fill a requirement for some players. The life of a poker player can be to some degree secluded in light of the fact that the vast majority who don’t play have no comprehension about what you do. Their eyes space out when you begin discussing a terrible beat or an extraordinary play you made, and they as a rule attempt to point the discussion an alternate way.

Thus, numerous poker players utilize a poker discussion for social cooperation.

You can get some social communication when you play poker, however it’s more essential to focus on the game than to mingle when you’re playing.

Taking part on a poker gathering can likewise be valuable for a couple of things other than associating with other poker players. Probably the best thing a discussion can be valuable for is to discover acceptable books to peruse. This is the explanation I despite everything visit a poker gathering a few times each year.

I search for strings examining poker technique books I haven’t read. It’s uncommon to locate another poker book that everybody likes, except you can get familiar with a lot about the estimation of another book by perusing what individuals who’ve really perused it state. I additionally read audits for new books on Amazon, however I don’t generally confide in the entirety of the surveys there. I think in some cases writers purchase counterfeit audits and have their companions compose great surveys to attempt to sell more books.


Poker discussions can fill a couple of necessities, yet generally, they’re not the best utilization of your time. At the point when you think about that a significant part of the data on discussions is faulty or wrong, your time is better spent perusing a decent book or watching poker instructive recordings intended to improve your game. Master88 is one of thousand of online gambling site that is provide poker game. Despite poker game, master88 is known as agen judi casino online gambling site for Indonesian. Giving you early advantage like First Deposit Bonus, Extra First Deposit Bonus, and rebate every week so there is no bad reason to choosing master88.

How To Start A Web Development Company For Beginners

how to start a web development company

When starting a company, there are many things to pay attention to. One of the important things that a company needs to arrange is marketing. Because with marketing, the public would see the image of the company’s brand. One of the items in marketing that a company must have is web development. Even though it is important, a lot of companies are still confused about how to start a web development company.

how to start a web development company

Companies usually would hire a person or use a vendor to make the web. However, the company could actually make the web by themselves to save money. Since building a company is not cheap, saving money is important. Moreover, there are several things to prepare on how to start a web development company. To get to know, here are things that a company needs to prepare.

1. Make a Detail Brand

The first thing to do when starting a web is to make a brand as detail as possible. Starting from the brand’s name, the logo, the character of the colors, the slogan up to the contact person/number. Creating a brand would also create a market for the brand/company. Branding’s detail is important to show up on the web. It is because so that people would recognize the brand and it would also make them interested in it.

2. Create and Register the Domain

The second thing on how to start a web development company is to create and register the domain. The domain here has an official website address without any ads in the address. People would not be able to use the same domain name. If there is another person or company that already uses the domain name that is wanted, it is okay. There are other options with using .id / .com/ others.

3. Use a Suitable Web Design Tool

Once the company has bought the domain name, the next step is to choose the right web design tools. Yes, nowadays there are a lot of platforms that people could use to design their web. Starting from Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Jimbo, Squarespace, Shopify, and others. Moreover, some of them are free! Make sure to pick out the most suitable web tool for the company’s web.

4. Build the Website

The next thing to do on how to start a web development company is to explore it. Build and design the website as the character and the brand’s company. Explore the website’s design tool to build a great website. Moreover, make sure to insert every information that the company needs to inform the public.

5. Promote it

Once the website is done, then it is ready to be published. However, the steps are not just until there. To get the maximal reach and engagement, the company would need to promote the website. There are also many platforms to promote a website. The most popular ones are Facebook and Google.

The steps on how to start a web development company are quite easy to follow. To ease it, make the website together with a team. Especially on designing, building and expanding it. Moreover, remember to enjoy the process.

How To Take A Business Loan From Bank? Here Are The Steps That You Should Know

how to take a business loan from bank

Every business needs capital for the first time to start. Unluckily, not all people have this, so they have to find a loan. The bank is the most selected solution, even though they have to deal with the interest rate. But, actually, there are lots of benefits when you can use the loan wisely. If you think about this way, then you should read this article. Because we will tell you how to take a business loan from bank below.

how to take a business loan from bank

If you think that getting a loan is easy, then you are wrong. Due to global economic conditions and issues, now you have to do some preparations before. Because the terms and conditions become more strict for the bank to give their loan. Here are the steps about how to take a business loan from bank:

1. Make a Business Plan

A business plan is important for everyone, whether they just started the business or in the growing process. This brief is like a blueprint about where your business will go. When you submit your request to the bank, your plan will secure yourself. Don’t forget to explain your goal, mission, and clear steps on how to achieve the goal.

2. Clear Your Statements

Your business plan is brief in the paper. But when the bank asks you directly, explain your plan clearly and very detail. This helps you more to make the bank understands how you will spend the loan. Also, the bank is easier to analyze the proper amount for your loan.

3. Decide the Type of Loan

There are many kinds of loans from the bank. That is why you should make a business plan for the first step. Each loan has a different rate. Thus, pay attention when you are at the bank. The customer service might offer you a certain loan, but, if it seems not really fit in you, you can ask for the other loan.

4. Clean Your Credit History

Monitor your history in credit. Whether for a credit card or other forms of credit at the bank. This will affect your reputation when the bank approves your loan. Once you have a good rating, there is no hesitation for the bank to reject your application. While, on the other hand, if your rating seems not good, the bank needs evaluation more.

5. Fulfill the Requirements

In every loan, there are requirements to be fulfilled. Sometimes people ignore the administration requirements. If you don’t complete this, it will take more time for the process. So, make sure that you submit the application with the administration requirements. Then, there won’t be extra time to process yours.

Applying a loan to the bank is suitable for those who need money, not in a hurry. Because the bank should through the process until they agree with your application. But if you follow our tips above about how to take a business loan from bank, that would minimize a rejection from them. However, actually, the loan from the bank is not only for running a business. Some banks offer you their loan for other consumptions too, such as for a holiday, gadget installment, and many more.

5 Basics Of Business Administration To Run Your Business Smoothly

Basics of business administration

Every business owner wants his business to grow to be better. One way to make the business better is to have good business administration. Therefore, it is important for business owners to know the basics of business administration for their business interests.

Basics of business administration

If the owner has good knowledge about basic business administration, they can manage their business well. They can also keep the business on the right track and more easily reach the main goal. The following are some basics of business administration that you need to know as a business owner:

1. Marketing Administration

One of the things that you must do when running a business is to do promotion or marketing. Marketing can make your business popular with potential customers. In addition, marketing can also increase sales of the products you sell or the services you offer.

However, even if you have to do marketing, you must ensure that your business administration is functioning properly. For example, you can make a simple schedule when you will do marketing. Or, you can also specify the type of marketing you want to do.

2. Finance Tracking

One of the risks that you will get in having a business is facing losses. Of course, all business owners do not want this to happen. Therefore, you can carry out detailed and routine financial tracking. If you always track your finances, you can focus more on seeing the growth of your business.

This is because you can see how much money is coming in and going out and how much profit your business is making. You can also know which parts you need to change to get even more profits.

3. Customer Service

One of the basics of business administration that you need to pay attention to is customer service. You must ensure that your business has good customer service to facilitate your business growth. This is because you will get a lot of problems if you don’t have bad customer service.

For example, your business will get many complaints that can worsen your business image. Customers will also not be satisfied with your services even if you have good quality products. Make sure your business has customer service that responds quickly.

4. Supply Necessity

You should also understand about supply necessity. This will make you wise in using your business money. You will know what needs are required by your business and what you have to buy.

Moreover, you must be able to focus on the right products so that your business finances remain in good condition. Therefore, start to make a list of what supplies are really needed by your business.

5. New Employee Selection

The last thing you should understand about the basics of business administration is new employee selection. This is because employees are people who will work directly to advance your business. Therefore, you must implement a good selection process to get qualified employees.

You must get employees who are suited to the way you work and your business goals. This will make it easier for them to complete their work properly.

Understanding the basics of business administration is not difficult for you. Once you know more about it, you can practice it directly on your business. Then, you will have a good business administration that makes it easy for you to advance your business.

Best Business For Students That Can Be A Great Success

Best business for students

Being a successful business person doesn’t have to wait until people are old. Everyone from all ages can start a business if they have the idea, modal, and will. Rather than having to wait at an old age, people can start their business when they are a student. There are many kinds of business that students can develop from zero. They don’t need many models and they can run it their selves. The best business for students is the ones that can also support their hobby and studies.

Best business for students

One of the important points in starting a business to ensure that we are interested in the business. Make sure that what we sell is something that we also like. Therefore, doing business can also be a hobby and be fun at the same time. So, are you interested in starting a business now and developing it? Here are some of the best business for students that they can try:

1. Online Clothing

Students who love fashion and clothes can start a business by selling clothes online. They can choose to make their own clothing or be a retailer. For a simple business, they can start with being a retailer and sell clothes online. All they will need are some clothes and social media to sell their products. They can even do their business by studying. 

 2. Design & Art

Students who can design and have art potential can start their own small business in design. Students can start their business by designing small projects from their friends. Slowly but sure, they can expand their link and business from their friends. This is a great business because it can make money but also support their knowledge in college. 

 3. Sell Food

Cooking is a hobby that can also be a business. If students have enough time, try making this hobby into a business. For the first order, students can make the system by open order only. Therefore, they know the right amount to cook. Then if it gets bigger, students can hire workers to help them part-time. 

 4. Photography

Another business that students can also build is a photography business. Make a team that consists of people that have the ability in photography and video. You don’t need a lot of people in a team, just make sure they have the competence. Start from small projects such as photography for students’ activities to charity activities. If you don’t want the business to disturb your studies, then choose weekend jobs. 

 5. Article Writing

One of the best business for students that is quite promising is writing articles. First, students can join a writing article first to know the requirements needed. Then, they can collect the links and make their own writing company. Start with a few jobs first to get the client’s trust, then slowly extend the link. 

This is some of the best business for students that have big opportunities. Students can start their business soon and may even continue them even when they graduate. There is no such thing as late for starting especially when it comes to business. Therefore, it is best for students to make a business when they can. 

How to Start A Business Presentation, A Way To Ensure a Successful Business

The most important thing when doing a business presentation is to capture audiences’ attention. No matter how good your material is, if it doesn’t deliver to the audiences then it means nothing. Knowing your audiences beforehand, and prepare the materials perfectly are things that you should do before business presentation. And when the real deal comes, what should you do? How to start a business presentation? 

1. Establish Your Credibility

Sure enough that attract audiences’ attention is an important thing in a business presentation. But before that, you have to secure your credibility in their eyes. That’s the first step on how to start a business presentation. 

If the audiences are sure that you’re credible then it is easier for you to make them listen. That’s why before giving them the information you have, establish your credibility first. For that, you can use some story regarding your background that related to the topic.

2. State Your Goal

When doing a business presentation, mention to your audiences the goal of the presentation. This will give them a hunch of what you will say with the materials you’re presented. By stating your goal of conducting a business presentation, at the end of it, you will get the action you’re aiming to.

And on your side, stating a goal of your business presentation will give you a guide. With that, your presentation will not stray and stay at the wanted frame. 

3. Begin The Presentation With Quotes or Stories

After state the goal, you can start your business presentation. This moment is an important part that will decide the end of your business presentation. What you have to do is attract audiences once more. And to do that you can do various ways.

First, you can start by telling a short story about your materials. Another way, you can use quotes from other people. Use the quotes as the title of your presentation.

4. Ask Rhetorical Question

When entering the main part, you can ask the audience rhetorical question. It may sound useless but by asking it you will plan on their mind about the material that will be presented. And this surely makes it easier for you to convey the message. 

Before asking the question, it is better to understand what kind of thing will make the audiences wonder. And then you can answer the question. Do not forget to convey your message when the presentation is starting.

5. Use a Picture To Visualise

Human is easy to understand thing with a picture and audio rather than just audio. That’s why when you’re doing a business presentation, use a picture as much as possible. The picture will act as a visualization of your message. Not only just a picture, but you can also use a graphic or map. 

The thing that must keep in mind is to use a relatable picture. That because the picture you’re using is representative of your idea or materials. So, when the audiences see the picture or the graphic, they will get an idea of what you will tell them.

To ensure your success in doing business, first, you must mastered the art on how to start a business presentation. If you are success of doing business presentation then the next step will get easier. So, use all your brain cells to study it.